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Quicker Funding, Higher Returns Be a Project Creator/Developer or Investor or Both! Simple Registration. ​One Account. ​Full Access. Like banks and mortgage institutions, you must go through a series of processes and your money is handed through different channels before finally settling. With InvestEstate, you go through only one channel -our platform. Important Notice For the project to be legalised for investors and to generate income legally, Project Creators must form a limited entity for investors to invest in. 1. We carry out an extensive thorough process on every application before publishing on InvestEstate. 2. We then offer the project to be crowdfunded through InvestEstate. Our members invest a certain amount based on the limit and slots given. Should the project never reach its full funding goal, all investors of the project will automatically be refunded in full. 3. On the completion of the project target - ​All investors will receive a regular share of the rental income or portion of sale. Daily aspects are looked after by the Project Creator as head of the project. InvestEstate can sometimes become part of the projects.